OPITO Basic H2S Training

About This Course

The OPITO Basic H2S Training course provides the participant with the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes to identify, act and conduct themselves in line with Industry recognised good practice in the event of an H2S hazard or emergency.


Course Type :

Training Course

Study Mode :

Classroom (Weekend)

Location :

Doha, Qatar

Fees :

200 QAR

Certification :

OPITO Certification

Date :


Career Advancement Areas

This standard will make sure that people have received the necessary offshore safety training that will help them survive in the demanding oil and gas industry.

What You Will Learn

    • What H2S gas is, where you would find it, how its formed • Other names used to describe H2S gas
    • • Properties and characteristics of H2S gas
    • • Parts per million (ppm) as a measurement parameter
    • • Occupational exposure limits and toxicity levels of H2S gas • Factors that affect exposure to H2S gas
    • • Different ways of measuring and detecting H2S gas
    • • Acute and chronic effects H2S gas has on an individual
    • • The role of the emergency response team in the event of an H2S emergency • What actions are to be taken in the event of an H2S alarm activation
    • • The various types of portable gas detection devices and when they would
    • be used
    • • How to conduct a pre-use check and how to operate the portable gas
    • detection equipment
    • • Understand the various gas detection devices limitations
    • • The different types of breathing apparatus and what operations they are
    • used for.
    • • How to conduct a pre-use check and how to operate the breathing apparatus • Understand the various breathing apparatus’ limitations
    • • How to connect to a breathing air cascade system
    • • How to disconnect from a breathing air cascade system





1 day




Oil & Gas



Workshop & Lectures

Who Should Register?

  • Anyone who may be affected by H2S
  • especially in the Oil and Gas Industry.