Engineering Management MSc

About This Course

The CMI accredited online Engineering Management Masters equips you with the leadership skills you’ll need to progress into management level roles and become an effective industry leader. Offering much more than a generic MBA, the course has been designed by engineers, for engineers. It aims to meet the needs of a changing engineering environment and management skills gap in the industry.

Specialist modules like Business Strategy for Engineers, Emerging and Disruptive Technologies, and Decision Making for Engineering Managers have been aligned with market needs to help you learn high-demand skills. There has never been a more important time for businesses to have technically competent managers, and our specialised curriculum brings a modern, technology-focused perspective to tried and tested management strategies.
Use your knowledge to influence company strategy and impress employers, helping them to evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with new technologies, management techniques and market approaches.


Course Type :

Graduate Degree

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Fees :

14,000 GBP

Certification :

Certified upon examination

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Career Advancement Areas

Develop the confidence to make high-level strategic decisions

Learn to effectively lead a team of engineers through disruption and change
Learn how to plan and manage major engineering projects

Advance your education alongside your existing career.

Join a thriving online community of engineering professionals.

What You Will Learn

  • Innovation, Design and Creative Engineering
  • Enterprise and Business Planning
  • Business Strategy for Engineers
  • Managing Major Engineering Projects
  • Continuous Improvement in Engineering
  • Supply Chains
  • Decision Making for Engineering Managers
  • Emerging and Disruptive Technologies
  • People and Organisational Performance in Engineering



Bachelor degree in engineering, physical sciences or a

related engineering or technological discipline


2 years


Engineering Management

Engineering Change Management

Engineering Education


Engineering Design

Facilities Management

Who Should Register?

If you’re an engineer looking to accelerate your career 

and transition into an enterprise-level leadership role .