BA (Hons) Interior Design

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The BA (Hons) Interior Design course offers students a more in-depth and professional approach to specific design projects as well as providing the student with an impressive qualification to add to a CV, an essential element when looking to build a career in the design market.

This course is the ideal next step for students that have already successfully completed the Diploma in Professional Interior Design Skills with the National Design Academy, hold a previous qualification in a relevant subject, or alternatively, have relevant industry experience.


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Undergraduate Deg.

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Degree awarded by Staffordshire University

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Career Advancement Areas

The BA (Hons) Interior Design course offers students the opportunity to promote themselves to clients and employers as a professional interior designer with proven academic knowledge of the design world.

The interior design market is increasingly growing year on year and the demand for high quality interior designers is on the rise. Consequently, many of our degree level graduates will go on to work in high-end interior design practices, work on a freelance basis or alternatively set up their own design business.

What You Will Learn

  • MODULE 1. RESEARCH AND CONTEXTUALISATION (30 Credits) – This Module introduces the research skills and methods which will to help you to locate and retrieve information and which you will use throughout the remainder of the Degree programme.
  • MODULE 2. SPACE PLANNING (30 Credits) – This Module investigates the way that interior space may be organised according to a particular set of requirements. Such requirements vary according to the designated function of an interior.
  • MODULE 3. DESIGN IN HISTORICAL CONTEXT (30 Credits) – Interior design is continually changing and has been moving forward for centuries. This progression was usually led by a combination of factors rooted in social change such as etiquette, politics and display or technological advancements.
  • MODULE 4. CREATIVE LIGHTING AND TECHNOLOGY (30 Credits) – Good lighting and successfully integrated technology are fundamental to an interior design scheme.
  • MODULE 5. SUSTAINABLE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (30 Credits) – Responsible and sustainable design is an essential consideration for the contemporary interior designer.
  • MODULE 6. HOME STAGING AND SHOW HOME DESIGN (30 Credits) – This Module looks at those factors which influence the design of residential sales environments.
  • MODULE 7. PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE (30 Credits) – This Module will take you step-by-step through the stages of establishing and running your own interior design practice.
  • MODULE 8. FURNITURE AND FURNISHINGS (30 Credits) – Essential to the success of any interior project is the selection, suitability and quality of the furniture and furnishings.
  • MODULE 9. EXHIBITION DESIGN (30 Credits) – Within this Module two main exhibition design approaches will be examined; the commercial trade exhibition stand format and the role of the designer within permanent public gallery spaces and interpretive installations.
  • MODULE 10. HOTEL DESIGN (30 Credits) – Hotel design is a significant contributor to the evolution of interior design, particularly residential interior design.
  • MODULE 11. RESEARCH STUDY PROJECT (30 Credits) – Within this Module, an area of study will be selected in consultation with your tutor and a title for discussion identified.
  • MODULE 12. INDEPENDENT STUDY PROJECT (60 Credits) – This Module is a double-length Module based upon clear proposals with specific criteria established in discussion with your tutor.



NDA Level 3 Diploma/NVQ or City & Guilds in a related subject/One A Level in a design related subject /Successful completion of an Art Foundation 

Year at College or University/We welcome applications from mature students with a CV showing previous interior design experience


3 years


Interior Architecture



Interior Design


Designing Works

Who Should Register?

The BA (Hons) Degree in Interior Design is the ideal course for those who have a true passion for 

interior design and crave the opportunity to add a professional graduate qualification to a their CV.